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Status Quo

Cancer is and remains a challenge. In 2018 alone, 18 million people worldwide were newly diagnosed with cancer, in Germany there were 470,000 and in Spain 230,000. Every second cancer patient receives radiation therapy, a negligibly small proportion of less than 0.1% receives proton therapy.

In any case, proton therapy is superior to photon radiation, is more focused, has fewer side effects and offers a higher target dose. Oncologists are aware of this and nevertheless rarely opt for proton therapy.

Would oncologists make the same decision if they were independent, i.e. not employed and subordinated to the economic constraints of a hospital?

“It is unacceptable that an oncologist should inform about the sense and nonsense of chemotherapy, but his clinic should or must raise the money with the therapy. If the patient has doubts about the sense of the therapy or the medical ethos, he has to obtain a second opinion” – as the bestselling author Dr. Matthias Thoens sees it.


CONSILIUM® is actively committed to emphasizing the importance of morality and ethics in cancer medicine, rather than satisfying the economic interests of hospital care providers. Patients receive independent advice, only the most efficient therapy with the least side effects is advocated. CONSILIUM® attaches importance to emphasizing that proton therapy is only advocated if a clear advantage over other forms of therapy exists after a detailed examination in the tumor board.