Who are we?

We are a group of independent doctors on the Iberian Peninsula, Spain and Portugal, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands. Under the name CONSILIUM® we show the possibilities of proton therapy and help patients to receive this treatment after prior clarification.

Proton therapy is a scientifically founded form of cancer treatment, but it is completely unknown to wide sections of the population – we want to remedy this situation. 

CONSILIUM® is the first independent medical facility on the Iberian Peninsula to educate patients about the fantastic opportunities of proton therapy and make treatment possible. As an independent second opinion centre, we are solely committed to the medical ethos and thus create high moral standards and support the patient as a coach.

Consilium strives to make proton therapy available to everyone who needs and supports it.


CONSILIUM® was founded in 2016 under the leadership of Clinica Austria as a second opinion centre. Since then, the circle of independent physicians has been successively enlarged. With the advocacy of proton therapy as an essential pillar in cancer therapy – alongside chemotherapy and surgery – CONSILIUM® is now appearing for the first time on the entire Iberian Peninsula as well as on the Balearic and Canary Islands. The patient is at the centre of decisions, the consulting doctors are independent and are not subject to any constraints whatsoever, they are solely committed to the well-being of the patient.

CONSILIUM® launches the proton therapy project in March 2019 and has won the centre with the most experience in Europe, the Proton Therapy Centre Rinecker in Munich, Germany.

CONSILIUM® is constantly addressing doctors who place their professional ethics above purely economic decisions. Service providers in clinics are biased in their actions, economic constraints often dictate the therapy.

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