Combination Therapies

In principle, nearly any therapy can be combined with nearly any other therapy. The possible increase in therapeutic benefit must be weighed against the additional side effects before proceeding with combination therapy.

Local procedures such as surgery and radiation aim to remove the majority of the tumor cells without the development of resistance. Systemic treatment (i.e., chemotherapy) attacks all tumor cells that cannot be targeted with local methods, especially metastases. A combination of chemotherapy and radiation treatment may also make some cancer cells more vulnerable to radiation.

One of the Tumor Board’s responsibilities is to organize and coordinate combination therapy among the various specialists carrying out each form of treatment.

For combining proton therapy with surgery, the  Chirurgisches Klinikum München Süd specializing in abdominal surgery, thoracic surgery, vascular surgery, cardiac surgery, trauma surgery, disc and spinal surgery and the breast center offering oncological and plastic surgery is available. Additional departments include vascular surgery and cardiac surgery.

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