Follow-up Examinations

Specific follow-up examinations are required by the terms of the proton center’s operating license. Your attending physician at the RPTC will schedule this basic series in cooperation with your general practitioner or referring physician. Depending on the type of cancer, you may need some very specific follow-up as well, such as seeing a urologist once you have completed treatment for prostate cancer.

There are also many local follow-up protocols; in Germany, they tend to be grouped under organizations like “Tumorzentrum München.” Tumor centers will suggest detailed, medically sound follow-up schedules.

Your physician will give you all the details on your prescribed/recommended follow-up schedule on your discharge instructions. A letter detailing your ongoing treatment schedule will also be sent to the personal physicians you specify.

You, as the patient, also have a role to play. It is important that you provide feedback on how your treatment is progressing. Each radiotherapy center must receive the records from your follow-up examinations. This not only acts as an internal check for the proton center, but also keeps you safe and benefits future patients.