Course of a Radiotherapy Session

You will receive radiotherapy every day except Sundays to complete treatment as quickly as possible.

Here’s what your radiotherapy session will be like:

  • Please go to the Center’s ground floor just before your appointment time. The staff will assign you a treatment room. Please take a seat on the couch in front of the changing room until your name is called.
  • You will put on special paper clothing in the changing room so your body can be positioned properly in your personal contour couch. You‘ll store your things in a personal locker.
  • The immobilization room is next to the changing room, and the staff there will help position you in the couch with the vacuum bed modeled to your shape. Using your identification wristband, we will also confirm that the correct contour mattress and personal therapy plan have been assigned. You will then be taken to one of the five therapy rooms and positioned. Exact position monitoring is repeated using digital x-ray screens. The technicians are always present, except during the short radiation period. The adjustment movements of the patient table are only carried out in the presence of the technician. You don’t have to do anything at this time.
  • During the radiation procedure, the RPTC technicians leave the room. However, you are always in contact with the staff by means of video and audio monitoring. After the actual radiation is administered, a process that only takes a few minutes, you will be wheeled into a mobilization room where our staff will help you extricate yourself from the contour couch. You will go into a dressing room where you can access your personal locker from the other side and dress. Now you can relax and use the rest of the day to recover.