Proton Therapy Treatment of Children

Children have priority whenever proton therapy is indicated

It is the opinion of international experts to prefer proton radiation to X-ray radiation for children and adolescents.

The preference of proton therapy for childhood cancers, often brain tumours that have to be irradiated, is based exclusively on the calculable superiority of the dose distribution of protons over X-rays (which also applies to adults). The superior dose distribution in the body does not only allow the use of proton radiation to frequently increase the dose in the tumor, it also reduces the exposure of healthy tissue. And this is the decisive advantage for the growing body.

Proton therapy makes a reduction of the irradiated volume possible, proton beams are 3-dimensional aimable and they stop in the tumor. In contrast to X-rays, there is no radiation in the healthy tissue behind the tumour, i.e. on the side facing away from the irradiation device.